The Directorate of WCD acts as the nodal implementing organisation for all the programmes of the State Government as well as programmes of Central Government.

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Children Women Mother & Child Adolescence


The District Level Center for Women has been set up at the district level under the Mahila Shakthi Kendra scheme implemented by the Department of Women and Child Development. Under the supervision of these, women in need of services can register on the portal specially designed for the scheme and hand over the counseling...


Pradhan Manthri Mathru Vandana Yojna (PMMVY)

PMMVY, a maternity benefit programme is being run by the department since 01/01/2017.  The scheme is implemented in Kerala using the platform of Anganawadi Services of Umbrella ICDS. The scheme is implemented through a centrally deployed MIS with the aim of compensating partial wage loss, improve health seeking behaviour...



The  number of widows  in Kerala is very High.  Majority of this families are living in deplorable   conditions.   The scheme propose to  extend a helping hand  to these families by way of providing  financial  assistance to self employment.  This is a one time Financial Assis...



With an objective of providing  a safe and better living environment to destitute and Homeless widows.  The scheme  provides monthly financial assistance of Rs. 1000 to the close relatives of destitute widows who provide protection and shelter to them. 


Mangalya scheme for widow remarriage

In Kerala Women  not only out number men, but also outlive them,  So the martial status of women  in Kerala is very important .  It could influence  the overall level of care and  support they receive from their family and society.  Statics shows only 3.5 percent of the total male population...


Educational Assistance to Women Headed Family

The number of women Headed family in Kerala is very High.  Majority of these families are living in deplorable conditions. The scheme propose to  extend a helping hand  to these families by way of providing  financial  assistance to the education  of children.


First 1000 days

The 1,000 days between a women’s pregnancy  (270 days)  and her child’s 2nd birthday (730 days) are most critical and crucial period of the Child’s life. 



A corpus fund Rs.300 Lakh will be created by Government and maintained by the Department of Women & Child Development for release to victims of sex crimes, domestic violence, acid attacks & heinous gender based violence.  This amount will be released irrespective of the Victim Compensation Fund or any other compe...


Supplementary Nutrition Programme

The Supplementary Nutrition is primarily designed to bridge the gap between the Recommended Dietary Allowance (FDA) and the Average Daily Intake (ADI). Supplementary Nutrition is given to the children (6 months – 6 years) and pregnant and lactating mothers under the ICDS Scheme.