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Children are one of the most beautiful creatures on earth – they are full of joy, energy and curiosity. They constantly explore everything around them and in the process learn many things. The process of exploration and learning in early childhood is crucial to the child’s development. Research studies show that 50% of the total intellectual development of a child is completed by the time he is four years old. Obviously, much care must be provided to the child during its first few years. It is the responsibility of the parents and the society to provide an enriching environment for children, so as to ensure proper development of their innate talents and skills to the maximum possible extent.

Pre-school years are central from the point of view of child development. In early childhood, development is rapid and environment creates a deep impact on individual when his development is at its fastest. Similarly, the consequences of deprivation are also much greater in the first five years than that could be, if they happened in later years. Pre-school years are crucial for developing proper values and attitudes in children. The foundation of scientific attitudes and proper values such as hard work, national sentiments etc could be developed in children better, if a beginning in this direction is made in early childhood. The nutrition given in pre-school is also a major factor that determines the development of children. Malnutrition in early childhood can cause lasting and irreparable damage to the child’s physical, motor and intellectual development.


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