Educational Assistance to Women Headed Family

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The number of women Headed family in Kerala is very High.  Majority of these families are living in deplorable conditions. The scheme propose to  extend a helping hand  to these families by way of providing  financial  assistance to the education  of children.

Target Group




  • BPL/Priority   Family (Children of HIV/AIDS affected   persons, socially discriminated   persons  are Irrespective    of their priority / BPL status ).
  • Family in which husband of  woman is bedridden  and not able to cover livelihood,  due to  stroke/or spinal injury  is eligible (Medical Certificate  to be submitted from  a Government Doctors.)
  • Only two children  of a family  are eligible
  • The child who avail  any other scholarship  is not eligible  for the assistance.  A certificate  to this effect has to be obtained from the  head of educational institution  where the Child is studying.
  • The child must study in Government  or Government aided School or  College.

Financial/Help Assistance pattern

Category -I

          Children  below 5 years and between 1st and 5th standard Rs. 3000/year

Category -II

          Between 6th and 10th standard Rs. 5000/year

Category –III

          Plus  One Plus Two  Rs, 7500/year

Category IV

          Degree and above Rs. 10000/year

Handling Section in WCD Directorate

Section: Women Empowerment Cell - WEC (Directorate)
Seat: WEC2
Name: SOFI M R
Designation: Senior Clerk