Empowering women in the society

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Women's well-being depends on their empowerment social, cultural, political and economical. The Government of Kerala has adopted various strategies to enhance the status of women and empower them to address the negative social and economic impacts. 

Because women empowerment will lead to an improvement of the socio-economic conditions of the society in a number of ways. The women empowerment programmes of the Department of Social Justice cover welfare and support services, training for employment and income generation, awareness generation and gender sensitization. All these efforts are directed to ensure that women are empowered both economically, socially and thus became equal partners in the development of the state along with men.

Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment Policy

The State Government has approved a Gender Equality and Women Empowerment Policy as per G.O.(M.S) 27/2015/SJD dated 16-04-2015. This policy aims to lay a basis for the harmonious co-existence of both sexes. It aims to do so within a framework of mutual respect, for the equal access of women and men to economic, social and political opportunities, resources, and benefits; and for a society where both women and men can participate in and benefit as equal partners in the development process of their communities, the State and the Country.





Domestic Violence Prohibition
Dowry Prohibition
Gender Park
Safe Workplace (POSH Act)


SOPandManuals Guidelines for Aswasanidhi
GOs Nirbhaya - Aswasanidhi - Govt Administrative Sanction Order