Activities undertaken in response to COVID -19 - WCD Kerala

Activities undertaken in response to COVID -19

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Time period to which the actions pertain to:  20TH MARCH – 30TH APRIL 2020


  1. THR delivery: Anganavadi workers delivered THR at the doorsteps of all beneficiaries.
  2. Sanitizer support: Sanitizers were provided to all District Collectors for setting up kiosks in public places.
  3. Psychosocial support: 1050 counsellors (School counsellors/ICPS counsellors/Family counsellors) were  assigned to work with health department
  4. Handwashing demonstration: Anganwadi workers at their locality.
  5. Elderly survey: Anganwadi workers conducted a survey of around 44 lakh elderly via phone and the data was shared with various departments for follow ups and intervention.
  6. Quarantine support: Anganwadi workers conducted follow up of quarantined persons and ensured support by linking with health department and LSGD.
  7. Anganwadies to home(കുടുംബങ്ങളിലേക്ക് അങ്കണവാടികൾ) Anganwadi workers interacted with each and every beneficiary of their survey area  through telephones and are conducting regular follow up.
  8. Institution support: ICDS supervisors contacted the institutions for women and children, elderly, destitutes and differently abled in their project areas and followed up the activities of the institution.
  9. MILMA milk to beneficiaries: Initiative has been taken to supply 150 ml flavoured, sweetened , Vit A & D fortified milk to pregnant women, lactating mothers and children who are the beneficiaries of anganwadies in all the districts of Kerala. The surplus milk of milma will be utilised for this activity. In Kannur district the supply has been started.



  1. Supreme Court order was translated into local language and disseminated to all DCPOs, CWC & JJB&CCIs (through DCPOs). Necessary directions have also been given to all stakeholders to comply with the directions in the order.
  2. Directions issued to DCPUs & CCIs to disseminate IEC materials to CCIs and foster families. Available IEC materials at state level were shared with the districts
  3. Directions has been given to all Superintendents of Institutions to keep sanitizers, hand wash etc in institutions and also to give instructions to children how to wash hands, apply sanitizers and maintain social distancing.
  4. Directions has been given to the State In-charge of Childline Foundation India to act as state level 24x7 Help desk and make linkages with the DCPUs to address the issues/concerns related to JJ Institutions during the lockdown period. The issues which cannot be dealt at the district level shall be escalated to the State ICPS Office.
  5. Superintendents were instructed to be in touch with health department to conduct awareness campaigns against COVID 19 and also to ensure timely health check up of children.
  6. Specific  instructions have been given to the DCPOs to ensure the following:-
    1. The IEC materials to be disseminated to all CCIs, CWCs and children including those living with foster parents.
    2. Plan staffing rotation/schedule to reduce in person interaction for Govt. CCIs
    3. Schedule the duty of  DCPU Staff to oversee the CCIs
    4. Monitoring system to be in place in all CCIs to prevent all sorts of violence,
    5. Availability of good quality masks, soap, disinfectants etc in all the CCIs.
    6. Adequate food, drinking water and other necessities such as clean clothes, menstrual hygiene products etc in coordination with civil supplies dept.
    7. The services of the counselor to address stress related issues in the context of COVID
  7. Each DCPO has been allotted Rs.25,000/- for purchasing safety equipments and other measures for COVID prevention  in Child Care Institutions (order No.ICPS2/1029/20 Dated 07-04-20)
  8. The civil supplies department was asked to supply essential food grains to all Government Observations homes, Special Homes and Place of Safety.
  9. Direction has been given to the Superintendent of all CCIs that all Officials/children who come into the institution from outside must wash their hands, legs and face with soap/sanitize. Quarantine must be ensured to the newly admitted children after verifying their travel details. All Superintendents in these institutions were given proper instructions to take safety measures against COVID 19 VIRUS.
  10. Direction has been given to all DCPOs &Superintendents that if any child shows symptoms like fever, cold, cough, throat pain and other breathing difficulties, he/she must inform the Health Department Officials for further action.(CircularNo.ICPS2/1028/20 Dated 06-04-20).
  11. As per the instructions given to the Persons in charge of CCIs, visitors are to be completely avoided in these institutions during this period.
  12. Constant follow-up is done at the State/District level with the Superintendents to ensure that the all the measures steps are implemented without fail.
  13. To keep the children engaged in constructive activities by promoting their creative skills and to deal with the pressure of lock down, ICPS planned a contest, titled “login to sargalayam” among CCIs in the State and is being implemented in all CCIs from April 15 to May 15. The activities will be judged based on a set criteria and the best CCIs will be rewarded. Multifarious activities planned are as follows:
    1. Physical Exercises
    2. Magic
    3. Painting and drawing
    4. Flower and vegetable gardening
    5. Short videos
    6. Reading
    7. Knowing the nature
    8. Quiz competitions
    9. Cookery contests
    10. Wealth out of Waste
  14. Online counseling training was held for all the counsellors in DCPUs and in the Gov. CCIs  in the State on 18.04.2020 focusing on Online safety and child sex abuse,  COVID-19 Prevention, dealing with stress and anxiety, Counseling techniques- dos and don’ts with the help of UNICEF.
  15. Press releases with the phone number of counselor and social worker enabling the families and children to call if in distress issued in all districts.

IEC activities done by the department till date






FM Campaign- First  Spell

20/3 – 30/3

Information of Corona, how to avoid transmission, handwashing, healthy practices


Community Radios – First Spell

20/3 – 30/3

Information of Corona, how to avoid transmission, handwashing, healthy practices


FM Campaign- Second  Spell


Support during lockdown, care for PWs, LM, Old age and children


Community Radios – Second Spell

2/4 – 15/4

Support during lockdown, care for PWs, LM, Old age and children


Online Quiz

25th March onwards

Online quiz for corona awareness


Nutritive recipes

20th March onwards

Daily nutritive recipe sharing through the department communication network. 40 recipes shared till date.


Animation –COVID-19

20th march onwards

Five animations done till date.

  • Care during pregnancy
  • Supporting lactating mothers
  • Caring old age
  • Understanding Corona
  • Know Lock down


News Links through POSHAN Vani

20th March onwards

Various information links related to corona shared till date


IEC designs created

20th March onwards

  20 designs related to corona created. (Handwashing, caring PWs, LMs, old age, Breastfeeding, physical distancing, staying at home, isolation, dos and don’ts for children, Fooling corona, domestic violence, keeping children safe etc)


Video Trolls

2 nos done. (Staying at home and social distancing)


Child cartoons – IEC

6 nos done using cartoon characters ( hadwashing, social distancing, dos and donts)


Audio messages

20th March onwards

  • Separate account created in Reverbnation and daily audio messages disseminated.  50 audio messages shared till date.
  • Daily content now supported by AWWs in the form of songs/paradies/stories/poems on corona awareness


Emoji Quiz

April 2 onwards

A WhatsApp emoji based quiz on corona was done and shared


WhatsApp stickers

April 2 onwards

10 nos of WhatsApp stickers created and shared using popular film stars and social messages


Newspaper Ad


Newspaper Ads related to corona awareness given through Malayala Manorama, Mathrubhumi, Desabhimani, Times of India and New Indian Express 


Social Media

20th March onwards

Various messages circulated via social media platforms of the department.


Support to Break The Chain team

Support extended to Break The Chain campaign team by the department