What's New - IMF Website - WCD Kerala

What's New - IMF Website

This web portal has been developed by C-DIT using Information Management Framework (IMF), where e-jeevika software acts as the backend for the website. e-jeevika integrates of Offices, Institutions, activities and operations  under Women and Child Development Department. Women and Child Development Department is the second organisation after Social Justice Department under Government of Kerala to use this advanced technology.

version 2.7  - 18/03/2020

Facebook videos embedded with website gallery

version 2.6  - 17/03/2020

Facebook albums embedded with website gallery

version 2.5  - 16/03/2020

Fixed link of wrongly directed e-jeevika
Added tooltips to footer links for better understanding
Added tooltip to News/Notification in home page

version 2.4  - 14/03/2020

Fixed layout issue of header in mobile devices.
Moved position of menubar towards right in mobile devices and accesibility tolls towards top-right
Provided link to PMMVY - home page

version 2.3  - 13/03/2020

Fixed all incorrect category links in offices list 

version 2.2  - 12/03/2020

Fixed errors in typo of Institutions - Home page
Provided link to ICDS, Nirbhaya, First 100 days, ORC - home page

Version 2.1  - 11/03/2020

Fixed Not found errors for file uploaded in office orders/news
All orders consolidated to show in a single page as per publication date

Version 2.0  - 7/03/2020

Inauguration of New  website. old website of WCD will be available for a month from the below link: 

Disabled malayalam version of website  temporarily  to resolve some grammatical errors