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Sampushta Keralam - Poshan Abhiyaan

POSHAN ABHIYAAN” (National Nutrition Mission) scheme aims  to prevent and reduce stunting, under nutrition (prevalence of underweight), reduce the prevalence of anemia and reduction of Low Birth Weight (LBW) by targeting   four groups – namely (1) adolescent girls, (2) pregnant women, (3) lactating mothers and (4) children below 6 years.


i.        Reduce stunting among children (0-6 years) by 6%

ii.       Reduce low birth weight by 6%

iii.      Reduce anaemia among children (6 months to 59 months) by 6%

iv.      Reduce anaemia among women & adolescent girls by 9%

v.       Reduce under nutrition among children (0-6 years) by 6%

      Components are elaborated in succeeding paragraphs.

Information Computers Technology Enabled Real Time Monitoring of Schemes(ICT-RTM)

The ICDS-CAS has two components, namely

  1. The mobile application which is made available to the ICDS field functionaries pre-loaded on mobile phones and
  2. a six-tier monitoring dashboard for desktops.

The procurement and distribution of mobile devices is a part of the project. The application is aimed to augment system strengthening in Anganwadi Service Delivery and looks at improving the nutrition outcomes through effective monitoring and timely intervention. The software allows the capture of data from the field on smart phones. It enables collection of information on Anganwadi Service Delivery and its impact on nutrition outcomes of beneficiaries on a regular basis. This information is available to the States/UTs and MWCD on real time basis on web based dashboards. It is aimed to improve service delivery and also enable the Mission to effectively plan and take fact based decisions.

Procurement of Smart Phones and Tablets: All AWWs will be equipped with a smart phone for capture of data. These devices is procured at State level and pre-loaded with the application software. SIM Cards and data connectivity plan for the devices is procured at State level.

Procurement of growth monitoring Devices: In order to ensure accurate records of weight and height are maintained at AWCs for all beneficiaries which include, pregnant women, lactating mothers, new born babies and children upto 6 years, Growth Monitoring Devices are  procured for all Angnawadi Centers. AWW will record the weight and height every month through the software application to track under-nutrition, stunting and wasting. The Growth Monitoring Devices will include the following:-

  1. Infantometer.
  2. Stadiometer.
  3. Digital Weighing Scales (infant).
  4. Digital Weighing Scales (mother & child).

Incremental Learning Approach (ILA):

The National Nutrition Mission (NNM) envisages establishing a system where programme functionaries especially at field level, will become more effective by learning to plan and execute each task correctly and consistently through methodical, ongoing capacity building, called ‘incremental learning approach (ILA)’. Such a system will use opportunities in the form of existing supervisory interactions at different levels, through which practical, guided learning may be accomplished. ILA targets AWW and ASHA, ICDS supervisors will function as trainers.

Community Based Events (CBE):

Organizing community based traditional events to promote and support behaviour change to improve maternal and child nutrition is one of the methods to increase awareness and set in change. Each AWC will organize two CBE events every month and Rs.250/- shall be reimbursed for each CBE.

Information, Education & Communication (IEC) and Advocacy

IEC strategy aims to create awareness and disseminate information regarding the benefits available under the various nutrition and health related government schemes and to guide the citizens on how to access them. The objective is also to encourage build-up of health seeking behaviour among the masses in keeping with the focus on promotive and preventive healthcare. Print Media, Television, All India Radio &Social Media Campaigns will be used for IEC activities.

Jan Andolan:

The Mission will focus on converting the agenda of improving nutrition into a Jan Andolan through involvement of Panchayati Raj Institutions/Villages Organizations/SHGs etc. and ensuring wide public participation.

The procurement and distribution of smart phones and GMDs is nearing completion in the state.

Poshan Maah

The month of September is celebrated as Poshan Maah all over the country. The activities in POSHAN Maah focused on Social Behavioural Change and Communication (SBCC). The broad themes were: antenatal care, optimal breastfeeding (early and exclusive), complementary feeding, anaemia, growth monitoring,  diet, right age of marriage, hygiene and sanitation, eating healthy - food fortification.

In Kerala, Poshan Maah was launched on 17th September, 2019,soon after the Onam holidays. A campaign named “Poshan Express” was launched on the same day by the honorable minister for WCD, Smt, Shylaja teacher. This poshan express travelled all over Kerala in the one month period and took the messages related to poshan abhiyaan to the people. Posters, informative pamphlets, videos etc were displayed both inside and outside the vehicle to make people aware of Poshan abhiyaan and the messages of Poshan Maah..

Various other programmes were also arranged as part of Poshan Abhiyaan. The activities took place from anganwadi/ward level to state level. They included

The programmes were organized with the active participation of line departments like health, NHM, education, general education etc. the main highlight of the program was the huge participation of the general public in all of the programs in connection with Poshan Maah.

Current Status



Previous status

Current Status



Procurement Of Smart Phones

Procurement process completed and Smart Phones are available in all 14 districts.



Procurement Of Growth Monitoring Devices

Procurement Process completed and Growth Monitoring Devices supplied to four districts of the 1st Phase. Awaiting supply o the devices for the remaining 10 districts.



Procurement Of SIM Cards

Order placed with BSNL

SIM cards supplied to Malappuram and Supply to Kannur, Kasargode and Wayanad to be completed by 25th September.



ICDS-CAS roll out

Roll out completed in all districts.



Community Based Events (CBE)

Rs.9.08 Crore have been transferred to all the districts for conducting CBEs till the end of this year. A total of 68,272 CBEs will be conducted by the year end.

Being conducted twice at every anganwadis


Human Resources

Recruitment for the all districts are over and staff have joined the respective offices.

Recruitment for vacant districts  process in progress.



POSHAN Pakhwada was celebrated in the phase 1 and 2 districts using the funds of IEC. State wide inauguration was also done.

Advertisements on various topics were given through various media. A month long mobile exhibition vehicle has been initiated and is currently travelling to all districts for awareness on the POSHAN Maah. Numerous IEC activities scheduled from 17/09/2019 to 16/10/2019.

 IEC activities in progress



Third SRG for the phase districts is done. Dates have been finalised for the remaining DRGs, BRGs and sector level trainings.

 ICDS CAS training is being conducted in all districts.