The Directorate of WCD acts as the nodal implementing organisation for all the programmes of the State Government as well as programmes of Central Government.

Sponsorship is the provision of supplementary support to families to meet medical, nutritional, educational and other needs of their children with a view to improving the quality of the life. It is a conditional assistance to enable children who were at risk from being removed from school and send for work, to continue their education.

Types of Sponsorship:-

  1. Rehabilitative Sponsorship:- Rehabilitative Children placed into Institutions by families as a poverty coping measure to reunite them with their families. 

  2. Preventive Sponsorship:- Preventive Support to families living in extreme conditions of deprivation or exploitation to enable the child to remain his or her family.

Criteria for selection of children:-

  • Children of the age of 0 to 18 years

  • Children staying in Child Care Institutions for more than 6 months continuously, who can be restored to their families with financial support

Total Income of the family should not be more than

Rs. 36,000/- per annum for Metro cities,                                                            

Rs. 30,000 per annum for other cities                                                             

Rs. 24,000 per annum for rural areas

Priorities:- Children of a single mother / widow Children of leprosy patient / HIV infected parent Children whose parents / bread earner is in a jail.

Procedure for Rehabilitative Sponsorship:-

The children who are under the care and protection of any Child Care Institution and come under the criteria mentioned above are eligible for the Rehabilitative Sponsorship.

Role of Child Care Institution:-Preparation of Individual Care Plan on the basis of the home visits and detailed interview of the parent and the Child Identification of child and recommendation for sponsorship on the basis of Individual Care Plan within one month of the admission of the child.  

The Superintendent of the CCI may recommend to the Protection Officer (Institutional Care) of the DCPU for restoration to his/her family with sponsorship support. 

The protection Officer (IC) will conduct the Home Study Report of the family of the child, in the prescribed format. After conducting the home study report the Protection Officer(IC) will recommend the suitable cases immediately to Protection Officer (NIC) for further processing.

The Protection Officer (NIC) will scrutinize the documents for the eligibility of Children recommend by the Protection Officer (IC) for deinstitutionalization. The Protection Officer (NIC) will finalize the recommendation for Sponsorship and call for a meeting of the SFCAC.  The cases will be presented before the SFCAC for consideration and approval along with all necessary documents which should include order of CWC for placing the child in the Institution, Individual Care Plan of the Child, Home Study Report etc.

Procedure for Preventive Sponsorship:-

The District Child Protection Officer (DCPO) with the help of the Social Workers, Outreach workers, Volunteers as well as Village Child Protection Committee shall identify vulnerable families or children for sponsorship Support.

The Protection Officer (NIC) will conduct the Home Study Report of the vulnerable child identified for preventive sponsorship and prepare an Individual Care Plan.

The Protection Officer (NIC) will scrutinize the documents and finalize the list of eligible children and call for a meeting of SFCAC. The committee shall have the authority to seek relevant documents to determine the need for sponsorship assistance. The Committee will consider the cases and issue appropriate orders.

Procedure for sanction and release of fund under the Sponsorship programme:-

  1. Quantum of sponsorship will be Rs. 2,000/- per month per child.

  2. The DCPO will open a Bank or Post Office Account in the name of the child to be operated by the Child Guardians, preferably by the mother

  3. There will be no cash transfer.  The money will be directly transferred from the DCPUs Bank Account to the Bank / Post Office.

  4. The duration of the sponsorship support shall be decided on a case to case basis by the SFCAC and shall not exceed 3 years except under exceptional circumstances.

  5. The Sponsorship support shall be for a maximum two children per family

  6. The Supervision of children and families shall be undertaken by the DCPO and shall include quarterly Home and School visits.

  7. All sponsored children of school going age shall regularly attend former schooling unless under the special instance of disability or illness of the child which shall be verified by the DCPO. 

  8. The Family receiving Sponsorship grant shall have access to counseling support 

  9. If at any point of time the child has to be institutionalized, the sponsorship assistance shall be discontinued.

  10. The sponsorship assistance will be suspended immediately if the school going child is not found to be regularly attend the school.