Government Children's Home for Boys, Kasargod

Institution functioning under WCD

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e: Government Children's Home Paravanadukkam, Kasargod
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Office Type : INSTITUTION | Municipality :Kasaragod
Inmate Category:



Child in need of care and protection

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No. of Rooms Available : 13
No. of Bed Rooms Available : 6
No of Bath attached Bedrooms : 6
No. of common Bathrooms : 4
No of Toilets : 16
Other facilities : nil
BPL ration card facility : Yes
Gas facility : Yes


Inmate Category :
Age Group : 6-18
Aim / Objective : Child in need of care and protection
Fees / Rent(if any) : 0
Admission Criteria : C W C Order

Our Team

Usman T K
Superintendent, Welfare Institution Gr. II